Terms & Conditions

In consideration of being allowed to participate in the activities and program of Classic Fitness and the use of its facility, equipment and machinery in addition to the payment of any fee or charge, I do hereby waive, release and discharge Classic Fitness and its officers, agents, employees, representatives, executors and all other from any and all responsibilities or liability for injury or damages resulting from any participation in all those mentioned and any other acting on their behalf from any responsibility or liability for any injury or damage to myself including those caused by the negligent act or omission mentioned or others acting on their behalf or in any arising out of or connected with my participation in any activities of Classic Fitness or the use of any equipment at any participation location.

I understand and am aware that strength, flexibility and aerobic exercise including the use of equipment is a potentially hazardous activity. I also, understand that fitness activities involve a risk of injury and even death and that I am voluntarily participating in these activities and using equipment and machinery with the knowledge of the dangers involved. I hereby agree to expressly assume and accept any and all the risk of injury or death.


I understand that I may be videotaped, audio recorded and photographed during this event and Classic Fitness may use the images for any and all uses.




1. Fees once paid are non-refundable and non-negotiable under any circumstances.


2. Students paying the fee in installments must submit post-dated cheque (s) at the time of registration. Checks to be made in favor of CLASSIC FITNESS (payable at New Delhi).


3. Incase of online or direct credit to the bank account, students should either send screen shot or mail a copy of payment proof.


4. It is mandatory to pay at least 50% of the total fees at the time of registration.


5. Students, who opt to pay the fees in installments, shall receive the study material in installments. Complete set of books will be provided after the full payment is made. 


6. Late-fine Fee Charges:


(a) Up to 7 working days: Rs250/- 


(b) After that, 50/-per day for up to 60days.  After which, the registration stands cancelled. 


7. Re-registration fee Rs5000/-. This fee is only applicable for students whose registration has been cancelled recently, up to 3months. After 3months, the fee amount the student registered with shall be forfeited


8. Batch switch charges Rs2500/- once the classes have commenced. 


9. Cheque bounce charge Rs350/-


10. All final exams for online or offline (EWMS, EREPS CPT/CFI) courses shall be conducted at the academy.

11. It is mandatory for all students to download the CFA Student App in order to upload all the required documents (Aadhar card, passport, Municipal corporation birth certificate & education qualification (10th or 12th or any other degree) which are required at the time of the exams.

12. Class Discipline


(a) Students must reach the class at least 10minutes before the given schedule, a late entry may be prohibited by the faculty.


(b) It is mandatory for all students to have 80% attendance in order to be able to take the EREPS & EWMS exams.


(c) Students, who miss lectures, can inform the admin about it. Students will only be given one class to make-up for the missed lecture. In case a student fails to attend the lecture after being informed he/she will not be allowed a second time.


(d) While at the academy, students must behave in a dignified manner and maintain decorum with the faculty, classmates and staff. If a student mis-behaves, the faculty can ask him/her to leave the class and in extreme case the Academy may cancel the registration without any notice or refund. 


(e) Students are prohibited to photograph, audio or video record lectures, class test or exam papers and power point presentations.


(f) The use of mobile phones is prohibited during class. All students are required to turn-off their mobile phones or deposit it with the admin once they enter the class.


13. Exam Policy 


(a) Students will only be allowed to take the CPR training and exams, once their dues are cleared and clearance is given from the accounts section. 


(b) I understand that it is mandatory to appear in the exam as well as required to pass all three - theory, case study & practical exams in order to get the EREPS certificate.


(c) The EREPS exam has ONE RETAKE-ATTEMPT FREE for all CPT and CFI students. If, in this free retake attempt any student who fails any one exam (theory or case study or practical) then: 


- For CPT: Rs4000/- per exam would be chargeable.


- For, CFI: Rs4000/- per exam (theory or practical) would be chargeable.


(d) In case any student fails to show-up or is absent on the day of the exam after confirming, then the following re-exam fee is applicable:


- CPT: Rs12000/-


- CFI: Rs8000/-


(e) Re-schedule exam fee: Rs2500/- (for CPT, CFI or EWMS)


(f) If a student fails to clear the EWMS exam in the 1st attempt, a re-exam fee of Rs3000/- would be chargeable. 


(g) If, after giving confirmation for the SPEFL-SC (Sports Physical Education Fitness and Leisure Skill Council) exam, any student who backs out last minute or is absent on the day of the exam, re-exam fee of Rs4000/- would be chargeable.


(h) Students may collect the certificates from the Academy or alternatively on request, can also be couriered. The courier charges (actuals, as suggested by the courier company) shall be borne/covered by the student. 


(i) It is mandatory for students to register for the American Council on Exercise (ACE) exam within three months from the date of the course completion otherwise the following late fine fee is applicable:


Months                   Late fine fee


After 3 months            5% (of total ACE exam fee)


6 – 8 months             15%


9 – 12 months           25%


(j) The following charges are applicable for CPR training:


- If a student is absent after giving confirmation: Rs2500/- or


- Re-schedule charges: Rs2000/-

I understand and accept all the terms and conditions mentioned above.