A comprehensive Nutrition certification program that offers in-depth, applicable knowledge and information on the essentials of Nutrition Science and Sports nutrition and Nutrition for Lifestyle Disorders. Whether as a standalone career or as an add-on to your personal training or health career, the knowledge you gain can help others achieve their personal goals. Advance your understanding of cutting-edge nutrition practices that are aimed at physical goal attainment I.e., improved health, fitness and performance.

After completing the course candidates can work with general gym-goers who want to become fit or lose-weight, or work with client who have sports-specific goals or with obese individuals, high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, high cholesterol, and other chronic conditions who have been cleared by their physician. Become an expert and dispel the myths associated with current nutrition recommendations and novel popular diets with science-based facts. This course provides ACE approved (Fitness Nutrition Specialist) continuing education credit (CEC) points.



Program Details

  • 18+ years
  • 12th Pass
  • 3 Months
  • 4 Months


  • 2Years
  • Lifetime

Course Details

This course is covered in 2 modules that include basics about sports nutrition and clinical nutrition to empower students in achieving the client?s health goal with a lifestyle disorder.

Module 1: Essentials of Nutrition and Sports Science (2.1 CEC)

Essentials of nutrition and sports sciences cover the latest and comprehensive information about basic nutrition science and sports nutrition. With the evolving fitness industry in India, many people have started taking care of their fitness, and hence, the right knowledge of nutrients required to improve athletic performance is important. This module provides you with a better understanding of the relationship between nutrition science and changing body composition as per the sport. With growing myths around the industry, this module empowers you with research-based scientific knowledge.

Module 2: Essentials of Nutrition for lifestyle disorders

Essentials of Nutrition for lifestyle disorders gives you in-depth knowledge of lifestyle-related disorders. This module describes in detail the nutritional requirements for pregnancy, older adults, and different lifestyle-related disorders. Each chapter is explained in a simple and systematic manner, that is supported by required tables and charts. With the fast-paced and stressful life, most of us are compromising on a healthy lifestyle and quality of sleep that impacts the functioning of the overall body. Hence, this module provides you with the right guidance for meal planning in lifestyle-related disorders.

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