Q. How is Classic Fitness Academy different from any other fitness training institute in India?
We really do not know what kind of books, teachers, and material is available at other academies, when we talk about classic fitness we have got national and international level accreditations and diploma through Jain Universiti in Personal Training, Fitness Training and Nutrition
We have got ACE, EREPS, NSDC, and Jain University as our accreditations, and our faculties are highly educated with professional degrees and certifications.
Q. Why international personal trainer certification is important ?
Becoming certified is really very important, whether national or international. But if you seek a job outside India you must need an international certification like ACE or EREPS
When we do something professionally we need to study and read what is it about, Knowing anatomy, physiology, etc will help you understand your client goals better and you will be able to train them accordingly. When you know the science behind it, you can achieve it all.
Q. What are the benefits of CPT?
Benefits are uncountable, yes that is right. Benefits of doing CPT are:

1. You become internationally certified

2. You understand human anatomy better

3. You can work on your client better

4. You will know more about postures, diseases etc
and much more
Q. Does the course have any international affiliation?
Yes, We have two international affiliations
1. American Council On Exercise
2. European Register of Exercise Professionals
3. Jain University (Diploma)
Q. How do I become a certified personal trainer online?
It is actually quite easy, All you have to do is enroll in the online certification program, you will receive study material, you'll be able to give the exam online too.
We at Classic Fitness use our own app for exams which makes it easy for you to appear for exams anywhere you like. We have got ereps and ACE CPT. For ACE you will have to go to a center to give the exam but for EREPS you can appear for the exam online from any destination.
Q. How do I become a certified fitness trainer in India?
Becoming certified was never easier than this, all you have to do is enroll in our certified fitness trainer program, which allows you to become nationally and internationally certified. Skill India NSDC, EREPS CFI are the certificates you'll get once you appear for the final exam.
Q. Is the ACE exam difficult?
No! If you study through the syllabus and understand the concept ACE CPT Exam is not hard. You need to understand the way you will work, we at classic fitness make sure that all your topics are nicely covered and all your problems are being solved.
Q. Which fitness certification is best?
American Council On Exercise Certified Personal Trainer
EREPS Level 4 Certified Personal Trainer
EREPS level 3 Certified Fitness Instructor
NSDC Skill India Certified Fitness Trainer
Certified Nutrition Specialist
Essentials of Weight Management and Supplementation
Q. Do Personal Trainers earn good money?
Yes! With dedication and right Personal Training methods, you can earn a good amount of money. Obviously everything takes time its a slow process, but it is the right process to reach to your goals as a certified personal trainer.
Q. Can I get ACE certified online?
You can get the coaching online for ACE CPT, but for the exam, you will have to visit a center to give an exam.