What to focus on during muscle gain?

Created On: Apr 16, 2022
What to focus on during muscle gain?

Here are 5 things you should focus on during the muscle gain phase:

  1.       Give priority to building muscle

You can’t think about building muscles while you also want to run a marathon, because you will end up burning more than gaining here, you indeed can mix cardio and weights but

the extremes, the training physiology and biochemistry are contradictory and you will not maximize your results unless you concentrate on one thing.

  1.       Eat Protein

Eat sufficient protein. Even if you train hard, the maximum amount of protein you need for muscle building is just less than 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight per day. A little more or less will not make much difference.

  1.       Start calorie surplus

When you know you want to gain more muscle, you eventually have to eat more than you are burning, otherwise you will end up not gaining any muscle and rather burning it all.

  1.       Don't disown your carbs

Eat sufficient carbohydrate. If you exercise hard and long with cardio, circuits or bodybuilding programs, you need sufficient carbohydrate to fuel your efforts and to maintain body stores of glucose.

  1.       Maximize Rest

Get plenty of sleep and rest. Muscle building, recovery, and repair occur at rest and during sleep. Ensure you get sufficient recovery. Failure to do so may delay your muscle-building efforts and possibly lead to illness and injury