The Best Personal Training Certification Programs In World

Created On: Jun 23, 2023
The Best Personal Training Certification Programs In World

When it comes to pursuing a career in personal training, it's crucial to choose a reputable certification program that provides comprehensive education and prepares you for success in the fitness industry. While the best personal training certification programs can vary based on individual preferences and geographical location, here is a program from American council on Exercise (ACE) that covers the curriculum of personal training to a elaborative stance. 

American Council on Exercise

The most popular and well-respected personal training certification program globally i.e ACE CPT Program offered in India through its official education partner Classic Fitness Academy. 

Till date ACE has certified over 75,000 fitness professionals which makes it the most popular NCCA accredited certification worldwide.

ACE offers a comprehensive training program designed to teach you skills that will help you become a qualified personal trainer. The content of the course covers the basics of anatomy, physiology, nutrition, postural screening, health screening, program design, special population, Injuries. The ACE exam happens in India at proctored exam centre’s. 

When you enroll through Classic Fitness Academy the student gets a 40% off on the exam fee plus the chances of clearing the ACE exam goes up 70-80%.

In India Classic Fitness Academy have helped thousands of students to clear the ACE exam since the last 10 years. Our unique teaching methods, well qualified degree holder teachers, the coverage of the content in better way of understanding via Audio visual aid makes learning a better experience for the students.

Classic Fitness Academy also helps students get there CEC’s which are Continuing education credentials that will help the students to renew the certificate after 2 years. We have over 10 workshops and conferences that will help students to recertify at a nominal cost.

In short if you are looking forward to become a ACE certified personal trainer then you can only trust the teachers and curriculum from Classic Fitness Academy.