Classic Fitness Academy and Unacademy Collaborating to bring you Certified Fitness Coach

Created On: May 10, 2022
Classic Fitness Academy and Unacademy Collaborating to bring you Certified Fitness Coach

Due to the impact of covid, most people start focusing on improving their health and overall fitness. A major transition includes people opting for fitness courses in india to educate themselves about the right workout planning and diet as per the fitness goal. However, the internet has a plethora of websites that provides fitness and nutrition education without any scientific research which can lead to wrong understanding. Hence, to cover up this gap in the right education for fitness professionals Classic Fitness Academy and Unacademy have collaborated to provide you with fitness and nutrition courses online.

Classic Fitness Academy aims at spreading awareness and creating acceptance in the world to embrace fitness as a career. The faculties with the right education degree and years of experience educate you with quality latest fitness trends. On the other hand,  Classic Fitness Academy is India’s largest learning platform providing you the classes online as per the topic of your interest. You can join the classes online using your laptop or mobile from anywhere in India, it can be in the comfort of your home or while sipping a coffee. Unacademy provides you with daily live classes where you can chat or ask questions about the education and get your queries solved. You also get mock tests and practice papers to keep yourself at the edge of learning about the topic. Along with this, you also get access to recordings of live lectures as per the subscription duration so that can learn anytime and anywhere.

The first course they are launching together is known as Certified Fitness Coach.  This is a foundation-level course meant for aspiring fitness professionals who are keen to enter the fitness industry. Whether you want to choose a fitness trainer as a profession but are not sure how to start learning or if you are a fitness enthusiast who wants to learn more for your learning, this course provides you the base for that. This course helps you in understanding human anatomy, physiology, program designing, stretching exercises, and more. This course includes theory and practical classes both so that you can learn the practical application of the theoretical part for your clients and yourself. Along with this, this course also includes self-practice classes where an educator can help you understand and correct the right posture for respective exercises. Overall, this course is a complete package of learning and educating yourself about the basics of fitness. Plus, as a bonus, you will also get the notes and reading material as per the modules to refer them back whenever required. These notes include research-based guidelines to follow for effective workout programming for your clients as per the fitness goal.

Going further they are also planning to launch the advanced fitness course for Certified Personal Trainers and another nutrition course Essentials of Weight Management and Supplementation. This nutrition course educates fitness professionals on planning a diet as per the fitness goal. Whether your goal is losing fat, gaining muscle, or just staying healthy, this course helps you in learning the requirement and functions of respective nutrients in diet planning. 

This is a big upcoming opportunity for everyone who wants to learn about fitness and nutrition in their comfort!