Can you train a pregnant client?

Created On: Apr 12, 2022
Can you train a pregnant client?

Well, to start this blog yes, the answer is yes Indeed, you can and you should encourage your clients to work-out, but you have to keep a lot of things in mind before you do so.

You must know their condition, you must keep a check with their doctor and if the client is allowed to work-out and does not have any complications then yes, you may.
Let’s get to how can we train our pregnant clients?

As a personal trainer you need to keep the mother and the baby’s safety in mind while making or working on their workout programs. Never initiate any high intensity workout modules for your pregnant clients always keep low to moderate intensity training which has benefits to both mother and the unborn baby.

And if you think there is yet to figure out more, then you can even enrol in courses that are tailored for pre-post-natal females. Which will not only teach you theory about the whole process but will make you understand the stages you have to create as a personal trainer or specialist to build their workouts.

Now what kind of workouts can you make them do, lets see a list to that:

  •          Strength training
  •          Running
  •          Pregnancy specific exercise classes
  •          Swimming and water aerobics
  •          Yoga
  •          Stretching
  •          Dancing