Are daily supplements necessary?

Created On: Apr 12, 2022
Are daily supplements necessary?

Supplementation and supplements have so many different stories for them, one thinks it is so bad for your health and another is just trying to get his/her health better with them.
The myths covering supplements are many but well most of them are not true. 

Let us first understand what do we mean by ‘supplements’ itself right? Because then only we will be able to judge whether it is good or bad for us.

Supplements are basically in form of food or requirement for our body which we do not get from our food is required to be taken for a healthy and functioning body.
So while you are eating everything healthy, you still may lack something that your food is not giving you. There are certain supplements that we take for our body’s requirement because either our body does not make it or our food does not fulfil it.


We will take the simplest example for it i.e Vitamin – D
Now vitamin D is something that most people lack now a days, because when are we actually in the sun to absorb it? And even if we are it is a wrong time to be in and we end getting tanned right?
So if your body does not have sufficient vitamin D and you will also not provide it through the supplements your body will lag and you will end up with various diseases.

And hence supplements are important now whether it is a human being or an animal.