CFT Certified Fitness Trainer Course

European Register of Exercise Professionals

European Register of Exercise ProfessionalsThere are now EREPS registered fitness professionals working in 32 different European countries. Through its application of common European standards EREPS facilitates mobility of employment with 10% of members changing country each year, mainly for employment reasons.



The Course is being conducted in Affiliation with NSDC (National Skill Development Corporation, Government of INDIA Ministry of Skill Development & Entrepreneurship) This Course is designed to provide the basic knowledge on exercise science to help the fitness trainers understand the body better and how it works. It will also help them in designing customized exercise prescriptions for healthy clients while keeping their needs and goals in mind. Sports are considered as a strategic sector and development of domestic capabilities is essential from a national pride and overall development perspective. Sports sector has multiplier effect and has bearing on the growth of other industries. Sports sector is extremely crucial for the development of the country's economy. Additional benefits are channelization of youth's energy in constructive activities, increased employment opportunities across health, tourism and education domain, improvement in health of the citizens.

Topics we cover :- Anatomy,


Bio mechanics,


Health Screening,

Bio-energetic Aerobic

and Anaerobic Program Design

and Implementation,

Special Population,

Flexibility, Marketing Strategy

and Emergency Techniques.

Eligibility: 10th Pass

Age: 18+

Validity: Lifetime

Duration: 1 month 10 days weekday batch and 3 months for weekend batch

Hours: 90