Teen Fit Consultation


Classic fitness provides following consultation services:

1.Designing excercise program :

To develop positive attitude towards fitness, its important that teenagers learn not only relevant excercises in correct form but in fun way too. With fitness expertise we can build excercise program for all special needs like Weight loss,Weight gain,Increasing cardio performance.etc.

2.Diet plan :

Eating right food is equally important as excercise.Today there are many foods available in market that claim less fat but how healthy is to consume them? We at classic fitness with qualified fitness consultants can help you to know right diet plan for your specific need like Weight loss, Weight gain,participating in sport performance

3.Posture analysis :

Fitness is not about Weight loss or Building big muscle but its important to have correct posture to to ensure balance in your body movments. We can assess posture and build excercise plan to overcome posture imbalance

4.Lifestyle management

As we grow we face more and more responsibilities in life but at the same time fitness is not a week or month programme but a life time commitment.Cassic fitness will teach you and your child to incorporate fitness regime in busy schedules.