Fit Kid Programm

Spend 4-6 hours a day in front of the TV Spend a significant time in daily commute to school and tutions Do not have time or space to play outdoor games
Days pre-occupied with tutions and family obligations Eat junk food as a major meal 3 times a week Eat untimely meals or snacking mindlessly through the day

Do you find your kid part of such lifstyle ?

We all know fitness plays an important role to live healthy and happy life but as we grow our other responsibilities, jobs, and studies become more of priority and fitness takes back seat. This attitude towards fitness brings health related problems in long run.Considering all this classic fitness has initiated a program called "teen fit program" to promote fitness among kids in fun and sporty way.

Benefits of CF Teen - Fit programme to parents :-

  • Awareness of their Childs currents fitness levels.
  • Free workshops and seminars on healthy diets, good lifestyle and right postures.
  • Awareness of different ways to manage their child's lifestyle & inculcate healthy habits.
  • Access to reliable gyms dieticians and personal trainers for fitness.

Benefits of CF Teen - Fit programme to students :-

  • Awareness of specific area (Flexibility or Muscular) they should work on.
  • Track progress to improved fitness through report cards.
  • Awareness of fitness as lifestyle through specially designed fitness & diet programs, workshops etc..
  • Awareness of their potential for different kinds of sports.

Under Teen-Fit- Programme, classic fitness provides Fitness Assesments ,Consultation and Workshops. To know more how classic fitness can help you visit our service section.